Stop Sacrificing Your Health™

Stop sacrificing your health, so you can start living your life!

Stop Sacrificing Your Health™

"Your time is limited, so don't waste it living someone else's life."

As women, we’re under an immense about of pressure to be perfect. To be all things to all people. To be a good wife, a good mother, be good in our chosen career.

We compromise our health, our time, our dreams to be available to everyone else. And no matter what we do, it never seems to be enough. So we work even harder to achieve what other people deem important, neglecting what is actually most important to us.

We suffer from weight gain, anxiety, depression, fatigue, and even infertility. And instead of loving ourselves when we need it most, we judge ourselves for not losing the weight, for not being able to handle the pressure, for being tired, and even for not being able to conceive.

On the surface, the weight, the anxiety, the depression, the fatigue, the infertility, all seem unrelated. We try diet after diet, medication after medication, and yet, nothing seems to work and year after year, we are left unhappy and unsatisfied with the person we’ve become.

We are unwilling to see the impact our lifestyle might be having on our health. We instead look for a quick solution to only part of the problem.

This Community Could Change Everything...

What's Included in Your Membership

Blogs posts and lessons categorized by topic so you find information easily

Monthly challenges to do a deeper dive into one way to improve your health.  

help you FOCUS!

Opportunity to engage with an actual health care provider!

Get real answers to questions about your health. 

Meet like-minded women with a shared mission to swap stories, share inspiration, and deepen exploration.

Join special events, see exclusive videos, including yoga classes, and hear from amazing guest lecturers and expert perspectives... 

And so much more!

Meet Your Teacher...

Dr. Cori Cooper is a health and wellness blogger, a yoga instructor, and a board-certified pharmacist with 17+ years of experience helping women balance blood sugar, lose weight, and gain mental clarity.  Dr. Cori founded the Stop Sacrificing Your Health™ community to help women stop sacrificing and start living! She believes that true health is directly tied to how we experience life.  Health is more than eat this, not that, but intertwined with our physical and mental experience. She teaches nutrition for your mind, your body, and your life incorporating both her studies in Eastern and Western medicine.  

This is the philosophy that guides Stop Sacrificing Your Health™.

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